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Buy sell and trade bee keeping equipment, bees, honey, and other related items.  Just leave a comment beginning with “For Sale/Trade (Want to buy) – Honey (or whatever)” and then details and contact info.  If you are interested, then simply reply to that item.

Note that you can add pictures to your advertisement by using the “add images” link right under the comment box.  However your pictures will have to be hosted on flickr, picassa or some other (free) image hosting site.


This service is only for members and associates of the Putnam County BeeKeepers Association.  All transactions are only between the parties involved, and will not be mediated in any way by myself or the association – don’t even bring it up. Caveat Emptor, and all that.

Any and all comments may be edited, deleted, forwarded, reused, abused, reported, resorted or sanctioned without warning, permission from or recourse for the original poster.

Misuse will result in immediate banishment.

By using this service you agree that you shall not hold the association, it’s members or officers in any way liable.

2 thoughts on “Trading Post”

  1. Hi! My husband and I took the beekeeping course and joined the group last Spring. We haven’t gotten our hives yet, but this morning, I noticed about 20 honeybees in my bird feeder. I’m not sure where they came from, but I’d like to get a hive so they don’t freeze when the temperature drops again. Does anyone have an inexpensive hive I could purchase?


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