The Home Stretch – Don’t let them starve!

If you have checked your hives already during the recent spring like weather you may have found as I did that some of your hives are light on stores.  You may also have seen that there is some nectar and a good bit of pollen coming in  from the recent blooms.

Don’t count on your bees being able to feed themselves on the natural forage which is available if they are light.  They may be able to provide for their needs as long as the weather stays mild, but just a few days of wet or cold weather could result in starvation and colony death because of the amount of brood they have to feed.

If you have any doubt at all  it is awfully easy to give them  mountain camp sugar.  Any sugar which remains after the danger is over can be saved and used to make syrup – no waste.  Don’t let them starve when spring really is just around the corner!