Our regular Meetings are usually held on the first Thursday night in every month at 6:30 at Collegeside Church of Christ 252 East 9th Street Cookeville, TN 38501. Please subscribe to our email newsletter for up to date information.

Occasionally meetings have to be rescheduled – usually because of conflict with a holiday or  event.  The best way to find out in such cases is by either checking the website (upcoming meeting schedules are usually mentioned in the top article a few days before the first Thursday) or better yet subscribe to the email newsletter in the upper right hand area of every page on the website.  The newsletter is freely distributed to anyone who wants to subscribe.

Directions to our meetings from I-40

  1. Exit North from I-40 at Cookeville exit 287 onto Jefferson Avenue.
  2. Continue North on Jefferson for 2.7 miles to East 9th street – note that N Jefferson doglegs to the left at the intersection of E. 7th street.
  3. Turn Right on east 9th st.
  4. Collegeside church (large white building) is on the left – go past the church and turn left into the parking lot.
  5. Enter the Church through the covered entrance.
  6. Turn left at the main hall and continue in that direction until you hear the commotion in the big room on the left – just across from the kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Meetings”

  1. My husband and I are both up before 5AM for work every day and by the time meetings roll around we are barely awake. I had gone to get a name of a mentor today but over an hour later I was barely awake and we didn’t seem to be near the end. Is there anyone I can contact for this information?

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