Local Honey for sale

Cookeville Local Honey for Sale

List your local honey for sale from Cookeville, Putnam county, Middle TN by putting your prices and contact information in a comment here.

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  1. weilfarms.com Weil Farms is in Punta Gorda. They sell in Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York. John Weil can be found on Saturdays at the Farmers Market in Punta Gorda. I think they also have a store there. They have awesome honey & do ship. I have ordered twice from them & bought last weekend at the Farmers Market. Weil Farms has 3000 hives. They have a huge variety. I like the darker varieties personally. The Black Strap Molasses is divine. The bee pollen tastes like honey & is organic. The Brazilian Pepper Honey is surprisingly good. Glad to know, as we have a lot of these aggressive invasive trees on our land. The Pepper trees also bloom later summer/fall, when not as much blooming, so good food source for the bees. Hope this helps.

  2. I have noticed several people have asked and are looking for local honey. Most beekeepers collect their honey in the middle of summer around 4th of July give or take a few weeks. Also most of us sell out as fast as we can get it out of the hive. We are thankful for the huge demand for local honey, but we just don’t have enough beekeepers to meet it. I would encourage any local beekeepers who have honey to sell to post it on our site.

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