Join the TN Bee Keepers Association

Why Should I join the TBA? You might ask.  Well, for one thing if you are a new Honey bee keeper and you would like to participate in the drawing for a complete beginning bee keepers kit (Hive setup, gloves, veil, smoker, etc…) They you MUST be a member of the TN Bee Keepers Association.

Also, as a member you will get discounts to various events throughout the year such as the Heartland Apiary Society Conference  which will be here in Cookeville this July, and the Fall TBA Conference which will also be in Cookeville.  The TBA also helps to sponsor things like our upcoming local Beginners Honey Bee Keeping Class.

A somewhat less self serving reason to Join the Tennessee Bee Keepers Association is that the TBA works with the state to educate bee keepers and promote bee keeping as both a hobby and an industry in our state.

How to join:

Also – don’t forget our February meeting – next Thursday (February 7 2013 – 6:00 – Department of agriculture located at 900 South Walnut Avenue, Cookeville, TN) You MUST pay for your bee orders in full by that meeting – and you can still order package bees – $85 per order.  If you won’t be attending the Feb Meeting you can also mail me a check payable to

  • Cookeville Bee Keepers
  • 453 E. Whitehall rd.
  • Cookeville TN
  • 38501

The Thursday February 7, 2013 meeting of the Cookeville Bee Keepers will be held at the Cookeville office of the Department of agriculture located at 900 South Walnut Avenue, Cookeville, TN 38501 – Right behind the Putnam county fairgrounds – the same place as the October and November  meetings – at 6:30 PM – arrive early to chat and mingle (and buy bees!) at 6 if you like.

See You Thursday.