Grafting / Queen Rearing field day next Wednesday

Queen rearing is a method(s) to efficiently produce multiple honey bee queen cells and grow them into mated, laying queen bees.

We are hastily organizing a field day for the purpose of grafting / queen rearing to be held at the TTU apiary – 4:00 PM Wednesday May 29  – we will be meeting at the picnic shelter at the HyderBurks Ag PavilionGainesboro Grade, Cookeville 38501.  Everyone is welcome – everyone must wear at least a veil.  Please be prompt, because we will move across the street into the apiary at 4:00.

In the case of very bad weather we will do it on Thursday instead – watch this space.

Ten days later on Saturday June 8 we will meet again at the same place to place our queen cells into mating nucs, and again about 3 weeks after that we should have a crop of nice new queens to assess.

Where can you have more fun just for showing up?