Simple way to Tie in Comb

Bees are very adaptable about working around things that we do. See the queen?


A scrap of 1/2" x 1" mesh hardware cloth can be used as a very easy way to hang broken comb in frames - or as in these pictures from top bars.

If you ever do bee removals you might have to attach natural comb into a hive setup.  This is just one of many ways.  Probably one of the easier ways for top bar hives.

Don’t Forget – We will not be having a “regular” meeting for the month of May – instead  on Saturday May 5 at 2:30 in the afternoon we will be having a field day where we will actually get to work with bees.   This will happen at the TTU apiary which is located across the road (Old Gainesboro Grade / 12th street / TN state Rt 290) from the Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion.

Bee suits will be optional, but Everyone Must Wear a Veil.  More information will follow – but please pass it around.

Easy Mouse Guard

This video from Germany (I think) is showing robber bees crowding in through a little hole above the regular entrance. It also shows a really simple way to attach hardware cloth mouse guards using push pins.

I did a spot inspection today and my bees were robbing like mad. Trying to anyway. Every hive I checked still has at least some brood – in one I even saw quite a few eggs. But they all seem to be well stocked up for winter – so I’m finished feeding sugar syrup for the year.

After Thanksgiving I will be putting small hives on top of big hives with double screen boards between, and applying sugar or candy to all of them to serve as emergency stores.

That’s about all I can do for a while other than wish them luck.

We will be voting for new officers at the next meeting – so plan to come or we might elect you in absentia.