Bee Keeping in February

The first thing that Cookeville TN area Bee Keepers need to do in February is plan to attend our regular meeting on Thursday February 2nd – TTU South hall – chat and mingle from 6:00 with the meeting beginning at 6:30 PM.

H.L. Foust  of Sunrise Apiaries in Cumberland county – purveyor of bees and beekeeping supplies will be our guest speaker at this meeting.

We will also be taking orders at the February  meeting for package bees, so bring your check books.  Eligible new bee keepers will be able to find out more about the TBA hive grant program as well.

In the Apiary this Month –

  • As always, don’t let them starve!  Add sugar, candy or fondant if needed.
  • Begin or continue feeding pollen substitute if this is part of your plan – once you start don’t stop until weather and natural pollen allow the bees to provide for their selves.
  • Sometime during the last third of the month you might want to  plan to reverse hive bodies if you have a dual brood box system – but only if all of the brood is in the top box! If brood is split between two boxes when you reverse you will “split the brood nest” and cause a lot of potentially fatal stress.  Obviously you have to inspect the hives to accomplish this – so watch the weather forecast for a a suitable day.  Not everyone does this manipulation, but the purpose of it is to attempt to prevent swarming.
  • Plan to add honey supers around March 15 – so arrange for that woodenware soon!

See you at the meeting!

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  1. Where is the TTU south hall located. I will be starting a hive for the first time and would love to attend the meeting

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