American Foulbrood reported in Eastern Middle TN

From State Apiary inspector Michael Studer
Urgent Message. Local Beekeeping Associations, please forward this e-mail to all of your members that may have Registered or unregistered apiaries in the following counties: Bledsoe, Cumberland, Meigs, Rhea or Roane. Several cases of American Foulbrood were discovered when a diligent beekeeper called reporting problems with a couple of colonies. Tests confirmed several colonies were positive for American Foulbrood. These colonies were in the early stages of infection. Those colonies have been destroyed. The preliminary list of registered apiaries in the listed counties is 177 locations. This list will be narrowed down and all registered beekeepers with valid e-mails located within 8 miles of the infected colonies will be notified by e-mail ASAP (Hopefully within 24 hours). We will be notifying all registered beekeepers within the affected area and inspecting all apiaries within the
 affected area in the next few weeks. Any beekeeper that thinks they may have AFB should send an e-mail to ASAP. Anyone that knowingly has American Foulbrood and does not report it is subject to a $500.00 fine. Please be careful moving colonies within these counties get your local area inspectors to come out and inspect before you move anything.  Anyone moving colonies out of these counties or within these counties without a health certificate is subject to a $500.00 fine. Please everyone be diligent about hygiene when going from one apiary to the other. Designate a hive tool for each apiary or burn them between apiaries. If you know of anyone in these counties that is not registered please have them register their colonies ASAP.