Local Honey for sale

Cookeville Local Honey for Sale

List your local honey for sale from Cookeville, Putnam county, Middle TN by putting your prices and contact information in a comment here.

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  1. Kay says:

    Do you ship your honey to Nashville , Tn

  2. PMILELE says:

    I’m looking for some local 100% pure Manuka honey. Do you have any or know where I can purchase some?
    Thank you

  3. Jenny Lawson says:

    Hey there, I’m looking to buy some local honey for wedding favors. Do y’all ship in to Nashville? I would need 2- 48 oz and 1- 24 oz. I need to fill 114 oz of jars.

  4. Richard Russell says:

    2014 Sumner County Natural Raw Honey For Sale
    8oz. $2.00
    16oz. $4.00
    24 oz. $6.00
    32 oz. $8.00
    48 oz. $12.00
    Call 615-418-2286 or 615-418-1316 Richard or Wanda Russell

  5. Karen Miller says:

    Looking to buy local honey in Sparta TN

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  7. Sandy says:

    We are looking to give small jars of honey as a thank you gift to the guests at my daughter’s wedding. Can you make small jars. 2 – 4 oz. and what is the costs?

  8. David LaFerney says:

    Sorry, but no I don’t.

  9. Ralph Dougherty says:

    Do you sell 5 gallon pails of honey? Thanks Ralph Dougherty

  10. David LaFerney says:

    Pure, raw, unfiltered local honey for sale – produced in Bangham area about 7 miles north of Cookeville – $15/quart call or text 261-7211. Will deliver to Cookeville and near area.

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