Honey Bee and Swarm Removal – Cookeville TN area

Cookeville and Putnam county TN area Honey Bee Swarm removal list

Do you have honey bees – either nests or swarms – that you need to have removed from your property?  You may contact people on the following list for that service.  Please do not call if you are outside of the area that the beekeeper is willing to service, or outside of the time frame that they are willing to work.  If you want your bees removed please do not spray them with water, soap, sugar syrup, smoke, poison or anything else – leave them alone.  It will work out better if you do.

This list is a free service offered as a courtesy – The Putnam county beekeepers association shall not be held responsible for the actions of people using this list – either property owners or bee removers.  A listing here is not an endorsement of any kind.  Transactions are between the property owner and the bee remover.  If you do not fully agree to these terms then thou shalt not read any further.

Please do not call about wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, carpenter bees, bumble bees or anything else except honey bees – call an exterminator instead for those.  Please don’t call about bees just flying around in your yard visiting your flowers (or trash cans) there is nothing that we can do about that – even if it seems like there are a lot of them.

But if you see a mass of bees hanging on a tree, fence, building, or anything else that looks something like this:

a honey bee swarm in a small pine tree
This is a large swarm of honey bees – a bunch of bees flying about is not a swarm – it’s just a bunch of bees flying about.

Some bee keeper will probably be happy to remove them for you.

If you would like to be on this list simply add your contact information as a comment.  You should include along with your contact info:

  • Your Name and Phone number.
  • Charge if any – at least say “Free” or “For a Fee”
  • The area you are willing to service.
  • The services that you are willing to perform – Swarm removal, Cut outs from structures, Cut outs from trees, and Trap outs.
  • The days/hours/calendar dates that you are willing to remove bees.

If you don’t include your phone number you will be removed from the list.

5 thoughts on “Honey Bee and Swarm Removal – Cookeville TN area”

  1. Will do honey bee swarm removal for free in Fentress, Morgan, Scott, Putnam, Pickett, and Cumberland counties. Will also do cut outs, hive removals etc. depending on situation.

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