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Payment for Package bees must be Made this week

If you have ordered package bees through the club you MUST pay in full for them this week – at either the Meeting on Thursday night or at the short course on Saturday. Any orders which are not paid in full by then will be made available for adoption by whoever can pay for them – I’m sure you all understand why this must be. Continue reading

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January Meeting tonight!

Just a quick reminder that our regular January meeting is tonight – Thursday Jan 8 at 6:30. As usual the doors will be open at 6:00 at Collegeside Church of Christ 252 East 9th Street Cookeville, TN 38501.

Order your honey bees tonight!

In addition to the usual activities we will be taking order for package bees tonight Continue reading

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Be Careful with your Queen Excluder

Almost every beginning beekeeper has a queen excluder that came with a kit – and almost everyone is anxious to deploy it so that they can get a super or two of nice pristine honey without any brood to worry about. To everything there is a season, and your first year with bees is not the time to use your excluder – at least not like that.

Every year I get a question or run across someone who is wondering why their bees won’t go through their queen excluder – to get to the super of bare foundation sitting on top. Well the short answer is that they probably never will. Continue reading

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Queens For Pennies

April is prime time for making increase (at least it is when there isn’t a cold front blasting through) and while splitting hives is simple, effective and helps to manage swarming – you might also be interested in giving queen rearing a try. Now is the time to go for it if you are. Continue reading

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Bees make Time Magazine

I saw this on the Phil Craft Hive Craft website: Honey bees make the cover of Time magazine this week. You might wish to pick up a copy at the grocery store.  The title on the front of the magazine is … Continue reading

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Bee Thinking

Meeting tommorrow night. Thurs. Nov. 7 @ 6:30 @ the extension office. It is not to early to start thinking about ordering bees next spring. We will be placing orders in Feb. and March. You will need to decide how … Continue reading

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Bees Enjoying Their Bee Cakes!

We worked our hives and gave them some bee cakes and they love them.

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Bees on Fall Flowers!

  Our girls working the fall flowers!!

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2 things.

Good meeting again last night. Thanks for all who came and took part. Special thanks to Dr. Douglas Airhart from TTU for his presentation on “Bee Plants”. I was impressed with several of our members who had several suggestions. I … Continue reading

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Grafting: Thanks David

David Lafereney has been meeting with a few of us and letting us graft our our own queens. This has been so cool. Look at the facebook page to see a few pictures. David, thanks again for all you do, … Continue reading

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