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Swarm Prevention – Cut down Splits

If you have looked into your hives in the last few days it is very likely that you have seen signs of swarm preparation – rows of queen cups on the bottom of frames, dense populations, nectar choked hives with little room for the queen to lay in – maybe even swarm cells. Continue reading

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Queens For Pennies

April is prime time for making increase (at least it is when there isn’t a cold front blasting through) and while splitting hives is simple, effective and helps to manage swarming – you might also be interested in giving queen rearing a try. Now is the time to go for it if you are. Continue reading

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Splitting Honey Bee Hives for Increase

This article was originally published on Feb 20, 2014 but contains seasonally relevant information.

Like every other living thing our bees have the ability to make more bees. But instead of allowing our colonies to multiply many beekeepers spend hundreds of dollars to buy bees to replace the 1/3 of our colonies which we KNOW from statistics are going to die every year. Continue reading

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New Meeting location!

As you might know, we have outgrown our meeting location and have been looking for another one. To avoid confusion  Our Next Meeting – Thursday May 1 –  will be at the old location in the dept of agriculture office. … Continue reading

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A few pointers for new beekeepers

Beekeeping isn’t rocket science, but an awful lot of beekeepers lose all or most of their bees every year.  You could read volumes about how to be a beekeeper, but if you commit to follow just a few suggestions you … Continue reading

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Where you can still buy bees…

As far as I know you can still get bees this spring from the following sources Continue reading

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Bee Informed Partnership National Loss Survey

Beekeepers needed! Thank you for your interest in participating in the National Colony Loss Management Survey organized by the Bee Informed Partnership Continue reading

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The Home Stretch – Don’t let them starve!

If you have checked your hives already during the recent spring like weather you may have found as I did that some of your hives are light on stores.  You may also have seen that there is some nectar and … Continue reading

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TN Beekeeping Annual Calendar

Annual Schedule for beekeepers – Of course all dates are approximate, and dependant on weather… January The Bees will be clustered during cold weather, but it is common for there to be several days  when the weather is warm enough … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Phenology – Important blooms in mid TN

  Maple - Rapid increase in brood production – Begins in late Feb/early March and lasts several weeks as different varieties bloom at slightly different times.  Weather is often fair enough for inspections during the maple bloom, and hive conditions may … Continue reading

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