Tennessee – Basic Master Beekeeper Course


The Smith County UT Extension Office will be holding a Tennessee Basic Master Beekeeper Course designed for hobbyist beekeepers June 29th-30th, 2017.  Full details are contained below:

Master Beekeeper Course 2017

Beekeeper Registration Form

Additional information can be obtained by contacting Chris at the Smith County Extension Office.  Contact information can be found on the Smith County Extension Office website.

Arlis Swafford – We’ll Miss You..

Our friend and fellow beekeeper Arlis Swafford passed away on May 23, 2017. Arlis was a very active and ardent supporter of beekeepers and beekeeping – participating in and helping to start and lead several associations in middle TN. He will be missed very much.

Arlis arranged for Susan Qualls to send the following out to the Overton County beekeepers email list, but I imagine that it applies to all of his beekeeping friends…

From Arlis

“Thank you  for  allowing me  to  learn  with you  over  the  past 9 years.   I’m at the  end of  my  beekeeping  life so I challenge  you  to  carry  on for the club .  We always need  more good  beekeepers.   My  life  has  been enriched by having  such a wonderful supportive wife and  good beekeeping  friends. If you could think of one good thing that I have done, that will  be  a good  way  to be remembered.  Continue to become better beekeepers and  please continue our community outreach.  Read, read read.

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