You Need a Nuc!

This article was previously published in May 2011 but contains seasonally relevant information.   Winter is a great time to repair or build equipment.  While you are in the shop you really should consider building a couple of nucleus hives to prepare for the upcoming season.

For plans and instructions on building an Easy Nuc click here.

A nucleus hive is a complete colony in a small box – and is extremely useful for many purposes. If you are at all handy with tools a nuc is easy to build yourself.

If you have a hive of bees you really need a nucleus hive – a small hive that contains 5 or fewer frames.What you can do with a Nucleus Hive:

Housing a backup queen – If you only have one hive you’re working without a net.  If you have a nuc with an extra queen in it you have the ability to recover gracefully from a mishap.  This is the main thing you want a nuc for –  Keep another one for catching swarms and all that.

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