NOTICE: European Foul Brood found across state

This message is being forwarded at Mike Studer’s request. Please take notice.

Subject: Disease alert
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 02:41:51 +0000

Beekeeping Association Presidents, Please inform the members of your association to be vigilant when inspecting their colonies for the next few months and forward this message to them. I have been finding European Foulbrood in colonies across the state, The recent periods of heavy rain this spring have been stressing the colonies similar to three years ago when we had bad outbreaks of EFB across the state. EFB can be cured with Terramycin. Information on diagnosis and control can be found on the following web site…oney-bee-brood . Anyone that thinks they have EFB should either call me or one of the local area association inspectors to confirm the diagnosis or ask questions about treatment. There is no need to burn the colonies.

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Swarm Call!

a honey bee swarm in a tree
A nice fat swarm just waiting to be caught!

Today I received the first swarm call of the year and just picked them up. I figured an explanation on the ways that I have collected swarms might be useful and/or informational. Swarms are usually quite docile and easy to work with. I’ve seen swarms form on a second story window, on the ground, and the most common on tree branches (from eye level clear up to 30-40 ft up in the air). The biggest challenge with capturing any swarm is getting the queen in the box and then letting all of the other bees follow the queen.

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