Home Remedies for Honey Bee Maladies

A very populous hive of bees
The white material is what remains of an Essential Oil pad after a few days.

Before I step out on a limb I should first tell you that the USDA approved way of treating your bee hives for mites and diseases is to use a USDA/EPA approved treatment which has been scientifically tested and approved for those applications – which are produced of course by the nice folks in the  agricultural chemical/pharmaceutical complex  who produce the ag chemicals that get sprayed on crop fields next to your apiary.

The regimen that I am going to tell you about here may not even work.   The main reason that I think it does work is that since I started keeping bees in 2009 I have yet to lose a single hive (other than a few small, weak, queenless mating nucs – which have secumbed to hive beetles) to any parasite or disease.  I over wintered 10 hives last year – all of which were strong in the spring, and produced my first ever honey crop this year.  There may well be some other factors at work and they may all die tomorrow –  So use your own judgment.  However, I’m not alone in using these concoctions – other people also report success using similar mixtures and methods.  In addition to these home remedies I also apply an organic acid treatment in December when hives are pretty much broodless.

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Decapping Honey with a Heat Gun

I just ran across that video and thought that it might be interesting to some.  According to discussion on a beekeepers forum surface tension draws the melted cappings open so that your honey can be extracted without heating the honey or tearing up the combs – also without the wasted honey, wax and mess of the usual way of knife decapping.  Might be worth a try.