Putnam County Beekeepers Association Founding Meeting

37 Putnam county Tennessee area beekeepers (and future beekeepers) met tonight in Cookeville TN to found a bee keepers association.  Proposed By-Laws were distributed and a second meeting was scheduled for 6:00 PM Thursday Dec. 9 to be held in South hall on the Tennessee Tech Cookeville campus – room to be announced.  Anyone who is interested is encouraged to attend.

Based upon a show of hands about half of us present tonight  already have bees – from a few hives to at least one person with over 100 hives.  Those who are just getting started should have lots of opportunities to benefit from associating with more established beekeepers, and everyone can  profit from the diversity of talents and ideas – as well as the buying power – of an association.

As more information becomes available it will be posted here, but I would like to encourage everyone to sign up for the email notifications by entering your email address in the box located near the top right corner of this web page.  I promise that your email will not be redistributed or abused in any way.

Beginning beekeepers – or anyone who is thirsty for more information about bees –  might want to check out this excellent article from the University of Missouri “Beekeeping Tips for Beginners” or  one of the online forums such as Beesource.  Another great source of information about “natural” beekeeping is Bush Bees.  With any source of online information be prepared to exercise your own judgment – especially on forums.

Something that was mentioned tonight was the fact that Walter T. Kelly bee company in Kentucky is offering free shipping for orders placed only on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  The saving can be substantial so think about taking advantage, but if you aren’t ready to order yet there may be  similar opportunities after Christmas.

Someone asked how much it would cost to get into bee keeping – answered as being something like $2-300 per hive.  I would like to comment that while that certainly would be true if you use all new store bought equipment, it does not have to cost that much, but you probably will have to spend some money to get started.  Don’t be discouraged by that just yet – there are ways to considerably reduce your start up costs.  I started 2 years ago with about $100 invested in equipment and some sweat equity – so it can be done.

Please leave comments to ask questions, or to express what you would like to get out of this association.

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