Where you can still buy bees…

As far as I know you can still get bees this spring from the following sources:

Bruce Wilson – 931-445-3821 is taking orders for $85 3# package bees to be delivered around May 20.

Bobby Carter – 931-526-7981 is taking orders for $85 3#  package bees to be delivered around May 22.

James Murph – 5 frame deep nucs for pickup only in Lebanon TN,  615-519-2975  henrysforkhopper@att.net

David LaFerney – A limited number of local 8 frame medium starter hives (price includes woodenware and bees) with Mike Haney VSH queens – some on small cell  – $150 – available around May 1. – david dot laferney at gmail dot com.

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One Response to Where you can still buy bees…

  1. Alan Bernard says:

    I was not able to attend the April meeting. Please tell me the latest about when bees bought thru the club will be available.

    Thank you

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