Short-Course After-Party

Inspecting a frame

We’re planning on adding a new component to the short-course this year to help enrich the learning experience.  Immediately after the short course is over at 3:00pm, we’ll be heading over to our un-official club apiary (weather permitting) to have a short hands-on apiary session.  The location will be announced at the end of the short course.

A veil is required to attend the apiary session, so be sure to bring one.  While gloves, long sleeves, and long pants are optional, they are also recommended for first-time beekeepers.  If you do not already own a veil, you can order one from here or here or here, but order it asap so it can be here in-time.  If you’re really in a pinch, you can usually find these at your local Walmart.

1 thought on “Short-Course After-Party”

  1. friend has bees and today, march 14, 2017, he discovered that one hive has lots of dead bees in front and bees cleaning out pieces and parts of bees, etc., and bees trying to fly, in 35 degree weather. sigh. i have kept bees on and off for a number of years, but i never saw or heard of this. ideas?
    thought maybe a mouse inside. hmmm

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