January 2017 Meeting

Monthly Meeting: Our Regular monthly meeting will be on Thursday January 5th – as usual the meeting will be at Collegeside Church beginning at 6:30PM – the doors will be open at 6:00PM, so come early to discuss how your bees are doing, and what’s happening next!

This month we will be playing a very popular game from last year… the “10 Scenarios game”.  It’s a scenario-based question/answer game used to help you learn more about your bees and how to become a better beekeeper.  So put your learning hat on, and come enjoy this fun game with us!  See you on Thursday 🙂

Buying Bees:  This year, the Cookeville Beekeepers Assn. will not be making a club order of bees.  If you’re looking to buy bees for the 2017 beekeeping season, please see our Buying Bees page to get a list of sources for the 2017 year.

1 thought on “January 2017 Meeting”

  1. I found your site and have been reading your articles. They are the best I have ever seen. My husband and I want to move to Tennessee as soon as we sell our house. We don’t have bees now because of health problems which are getting better and we don’t want to transport northern bees to the south.

    I would really like to get your newsletters. If there is a charge please let me know. Thank you for your time and wishing you a plentiful harvest.

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