Dec Beekeepers meeting Thursday Night

Our regular monthly meeting will be Thursday Dec 4 At 6:30 – at Collegeside Church of Christ 252 East 9th Street Cookeville, TN 38501 – as usual the building will be open at 6:00 PM. Just a heads up - the January meeting will be on the second Thursday night (Jan 8) to avoid conflict with new years day plans.
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Syrup Delivery: an overview of honey bee feeders

So let's say that you're now convinced that you do need to feed your honey bees. You go buy some sugar, mix it with some water, and you want to feed it to your bees. But how do you get it to them? That's actually a slightly more complex question than you might think. Let's take a look at some of your options (listed in no particular order) for delivering liquid syrup to your bees along with the pros and cons of each.
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Time to feed!

You might find that you need to feed some of your hives to prepare for winter now that our nectar flows are pretty much all over for the year.
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Varroa Mite Management Options for Honey Bees

This article was originally published in November 2013, but contains seasonally relevant information. In other words - It is time to treat your bees for varroa mites. "You need to be doing something proactive to deal with mites whether you treat or not." (paraphrased) Kaymon Reynolds - treatment free beekeeper for 10 years. This post is intended to present the available options for varroa mite management in as factual and unvarnished form as is possible
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Summer Beekeeping in TN

What you do (or don't do) over the next 3 months will mostly determine if you are still a beekeeper next spring.
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Plastic Foundation – Love it, or hate it?

I'm not at all iffy about my preference for plastic foundation, and here is one very big reason why:
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What to do when you are Queenless

You think your hive is queenless - you can't spot the queen, and you don't see any eggs. What now? First, don't panic. Next, if at all possible give the hive a frame of young open brood or eggs from another hive
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Be Careful with your Queen Excluder

Almost every beginning beekeeper has a queen excluder that came with a kit - and almost everyone is anxious to deploy it so that they can get a super or two of nice pristine honey without any brood to worry about. To everything there is a season, and your first year with bees is not the time to use your excluder - at least not like that. Every year I get a question or run across someone who is wondering why their bees won't go through their queen excluder - to get to the super of bare foundation sitting on top. Well the short answer is that they probably never will.
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Swarm Prevention – Cut down Splits

If you have looked into your hives in the last few days it is very likely that you have seen signs of swarm preparation - rows of queen cups on the bottom of frames, dense populations, nectar choked hives with little room for the queen to lay in - maybe even swarm cells.
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Queens For Pennies

April is prime time for making increase (at least it is when there isn't a cold front blasting through) and while splitting hives is simple, effective and helps to manage swarming - you might also be interested in giving queen rearing a try. Now is the time to go for it if you are.
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